Nihombashi has always been an important area in Tokyo. It is also the Kilometer Zero for Japan. It has a wonderful bridge… and should have been one of Tokyo’s landmark. The bridge itself was built in the Meiji era, so that people could enjoy the view on Mount Fuji while crossing the river. Good luck with that today. In 1964 the summer Olympics were used as a pretext to modernize the country’s infrastructure and many questionnable decisions were taken (a very interesting article about this can be read here). Including that of building large elevated highways over Tokyo’s waterways. Showing a modern and advanced country was seen as more important than preserving a city’s aesthetics and atmosphere. 50 years later Tokyo seems just about to make the same mistakes, with stupid projects in sight (again), such as destroying Harajuku’s JR station, the last authentic one on Tokyo’s JR lines.

Gear used: Fujifilm XT-2 + 16mm f/1.4

Nihonbashi: illustrating the dark side of Olympic games

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