Yokohama hosts a very big and colorful Chinatown known as Motomachi Chukagai. In its streets, many chinese restaurants, a lot of things to eat on the streets. And this temple, named “Emperor Guan’s shrine in Yokohama”. Visually it is wonderful, very different from all you’ll see in Japan. And very similar to all those you see in Taiwan. Same colors, smells, sounds, rituals, and same decorated roof. A very interesting experience, if you can avoid the awfully rude staff. I’ve been to dozens of shrines in Taiwan, and I’ve never seen this kind of attitude in any of them: rude, far from polite… I guess it’s some kind of Motomachi Chukagai’s speciality: looks nice but tastes bitter. The same applies to many restaurants there, offering a very average cuisine for a quite high price considering the relatively poor quality. However the place is still interesting to visit and has a good visual potential.

Gear used: Fujifilm XT2 + 16mm f/1.4

Motomachi Chukagai: looks sweet but tastes bitter

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