Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we added last night a pair of tweaks on how you are enjoying our videos pages. While these changes may seem minor at first, we believe that they will ultimately help you to better enjoy TokyoStreetView.

1.Bye, Bye, More Content!
Until now, when visiting TokyoStreetView one of many videos, most of our text and information about the location that was coming along was hidden by default. Now, this text will no longer be hidden giving you immediately everything you need to enjoy our latest videos.


2.Hello Sources!
Want to learn more about the place you just watched? Well guess what? Know you can thanks to one or several links that will send you directly to the official website of the place you just watched thanks to our new “Source” set of links.


Again, these are very minor tweaks, but on the long run we believe that they will better help you to enjoy our content as well as preparing your next trip to Japan!


Minor improvements to TokyoStreetView

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