(Photo taken a the Izu Animal Kingdom Zoo)

Why do I mention it? Well, only a few readers may know about the story of TokyoStreetView, but it started almost a decade before with a website I founded and owned called AkihabaraNews.

During my years there, I started a project called “ObjectifJapon” that was supposed to become a project for one of my staff members. The goal at that time was to create a “photo safari” around Japan, sponsored by a few camera manufacturers. This would allow readers to not only see beautiful pictures of Japan, but also learn about the latest camera equipment used to take the photographs. Everything was ready, camera manufacturers were on-board, but unfortunately the staff member left to create his own photo safari site – without the camera manufacturer deals.

Without someone to fulfill my vision, I set the idea aside… until 6 months ago.

When I “rebooted” TokyoStreetView, my vision was not to do a photo safari as before, but to break into a new technology: 4K video. Additionally, I had the lofty goal of producing 100 videos by March, 2015 and 200 additional videos by the end of 2015.

Well, we reached the first goal and fully expect to meet the second goal by the end of the year. However, as I was preparing my journeys, I realized something: This undertaking may be described as insane.

If you look at the map below, there are more than 250 spots that I want to cover, representing only about 30% of what my vision is. If my math is correct, there are between 800 and 900 places I want to shoot videos, and that number may even increase to over 1000 videos for Japan alone!


Covering Japan is only one part of what I want to do here, and I estimate that I will likely add another 100 or more videos on other subjects, including some social-responsibility works I am planning to do with all these videos.

All in all, this project may be comprised of over 1100 videos, which could take 75% of my time to produce. This could take 2 to 2.5 years, all without generating significant revenue. Do you now see why I believe I’m losing my mind? Who wants to do something for over 2 years without getting paid? Well, me.

Honestly, money will soon become an issue, but I really don’t want to have ads on the site. The ads on YouTube are intrusive enough. Rest assured, I do have a plan. I’m not sure it will generate enough – or any – revenue, but there is still hope without selling out to advertisers.

I truly believe in offering a service that people will want, rather than pushing annoying ads to them. This project will take the remaining 25% of my time to execute, but I believe it will be worth it.

Of course, if you want to help, share our videos, watch them, and if you feel particularly generous, please contact me to share some of your free time. If you are affiliated with a company where sponsorship makes sense, let me know.

Well, here’s my master plan. I hope you understand more clearly what I’m trying to accomplish. Stay tuned for more updates!

If I’m losing my mind, just know my malaise started with ObjectifJapon.com

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