Ok, I have to admit it, my gear is not ideal to take night videos and I can’t wait to get a better camera (If you want to tip in, just click here ;-) ).

The only “lens” that I own capable to let me shoot at night without cranking-up too much the camera ISO is a Leica one which unfortunately is very sensible to light flares. As you can see on the picture above, these tiny little green spots are in fact light flare created by the cars headlamps and not stars…

Now despite being a really nice NLE, FCPx does not offer like Photoshop for example some kind of Healing brush or anything as cool as that. The best would be in my case to get Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion. But spending $990 on a software that I will only use once is rather silly, especially when you know that Photoshop does this very well.

Indeed and as you will see (hopefully) in the video below, using a simple layer in PhotoShop over the video I took is just as easy as, well, opening Photoshop itself.

So next time you need to correct a video and don’t want to spend too much on additional software, give your good old buddy PhotoShop a try!

Using Photoshop CC to fix a video from TSV on Vimeo.

How to use photoshop to save your videos?

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