Today’s picture is a little bit “off limits”… This is not a picture of Japan, but of Taipei. One could argue that the building on the left, the central post office, was actually built when Taiwan belonged to Japan. But this is not the point. This place is called Beimen (North Gate) and such a picture would have been completely impossible a few monthes ago. Simply because Taipei is crossed by elevated highways, like Tokyo. These roads are undoubtedly convenient, but also really ugly. At the beginning of 2016, a highway passed only 60cm away from the roof of this 18th century chinese gate. The area used to be noisy, ugly, dirty… until the new Taipei Mayor decided to restore the city’s cultural heritage. The highway has been taken down in less than one week. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see places such as Shimbashi and it’s marvellous bridge, in Tokyo, freed from their awful highways ? Wouldn’t be nice to see Tokyo’s riverways look pretty again ? Taipei’s example tend to show that this is actually possible… It only takes a few political courage.

Gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro 2 + 56mm f1.2 (3 shots stitched together)

Hey Tokyo, that’s actually possible !

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