Believe it or not it is not always sunny in Japan and with the rainy season approaching we were wondering if having videos with cloudy skies or even rain would be a problem for you?


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- Serial Entrepreneur, 2008 Power50 Award Winner, I am now dedicating my time and energy in promoting a country that has been mine since 2002 : JAPAN!


  • dorama_of_life

    I would love bad weather videos, so it was hard to decide about how to answer your question. I voted no and decided to leave a comment. And I would like to know which equipment you usually use for those gorgeous videos?

    • TokyoStreetView

      Hi. I will try to take some video under heavy rain during the rainy season to show Japan differently.
      As for my gear, well mostly Panasonic and Sony, but I would love to upgrade to either be able to afford a JVC GY-LS300CHU or Sony XDCAM PXW-FS7 to shoot in 60p… But unfortunately I am not earning enough money now to upgrade my gear :(

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