“There are no better ways to discover a country than by eating its food!”

Traditional Snacks & Food from Japan : TokyoStreetView Online Store

When we started TokyoStreetView we want to offer the chance to people around the world to discover and enjoy Japan in a completely novel way and today’s announcement of our online store is, like our set of contemplative videos, just the tip of the iceberg!

Despite its modest size, Japan and its 47 prefectures hide a treasure of natural wonders with unique sceneries, craft and a mind blowing choice of traditional food, snacks and sweets.

And our goal here is simple, we will try to help you to virtually travel to Japan by not only enjoying our 4K Videos of Japan, but also by discovering some of the best traditional food, snacks and sweet that Japan has to offer!

What’s unique here, is that unlike other stores that offer snacks from Japan, the products featured on this store have been prepared with passion and years of experience by small, family-run local businesses. And each product has been carefully curated by us to represent the best examples of what each region has to offer. Each and every product we are offering on this store are shipped directly for its respective manufacturers to us in Tokyo!

Now rest assure that we will not stop making videos! On the contrary, as all sales made on our online stores will directly fund our future trips and help us to continue our video project!

So when shopping on our online store remember that you are not only going to enjoy some of Japan best traditional goods, but you will also help us funding our next video as well as help some small family run business in Japan to continue to make some amazingly tasty traditional snacks!!

Today's selection!

Dried Kaki – Nara Dried Kaki from Nara (Kansai).

Sakura Tea – Osaka Sakura Tea from Osaka (Kansai)

Loquat Jelly – Nagasaki Loquat Jelly From Nagasaki (Kyushu)

Discover Japan and its 47 prefectures via its food

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