TokyoStreetView Closed Caption

On our of Patron (Support us on Patreon now!) had a brilliant idea : Why don’t you embedded on each video the small text that usually come along with it, making it easier to understand what people are watching.

Well, first of all we would like to thanks Dickson for this brillant idea and just feel dumb that we did not though about it earlier!

Anyway, since yesterday we will now beta test subtitles or CC (Closed Caption) on each new videos and if things goes well, we will then try to edit old one little by little in order to have all our videos CC ready!

To get an idea of how this will work, please give it a try with the following video of Otagi Nenbutsu-ji (, by clicking on the little CC icon located on the bottom right corner of the video.

Like usual if you have questions, remarks or ideas on how we could improve things don’t hesitate to contact us via email by following this link!


We are now beta testing subtitles on each new videos we will launch!

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