To the Top! unaltered video screenshot of Mt. Hiuchigatake in Oze National Park.

Dear viewers, dear friends.

Today we are glad to announce that this week reached a new milestone on its YouTube Channel with now over 2,000 Subscribers and over 150,000 Views!

We know we still have a long way to go to reach the 10K subscribers threshold needed to breakeven financially on this project and help us to continue, but we are confident that we will make it!

Again, thank you, thank you all for watching our videos, thank you for subscribing to our channel, and if you wonder how you can help, well there are many ways :

  • Watch our videos and like them
  • Share our videos all around you, retweet, like them on Facebook, Goolge+, Reddit, whatever service you like
  • Have a blog? Do not hesitate to embedded them!

All of the above is free and will not take much of your time! If you feel more generous here you are what you can do :

  • You will find a “donate” button on each video (the little “i” mark on the top right corner of the video), you can donate as low as $5 USD.
  • We also have an Amazone Wishlist where you will find some of the goods that we need :

But again, don’t feel any pressure here, you watching our videos, liking them and sharing mean already a LOT for us!

Again Thank you and see you soon for the nest TokyoStreetView milestone!

The Team

2K, 150K… TokyoStreetView reached this week a new milestone!

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